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CBD Oil:

plant medicine for body & mind

You know I am a geek obsessed with emerging science and research in many areas relevant to human thriving.

You know I am also in love with plants and their deep potent medicine. 

You also know I believe we are sacred beings who must honor this fact by being careful and intentional with what we put in our bodies. My personal health journey includes a massive rescue by CBD plant medicine years ago when all else failed me.

After months of research, I'm now over the moon to partner with Joy Organics to offer you the best CBD product options out there!! Scroll down below current deals to read more on my decision variables and some common uses for CDB oil such as pain and anxiety. 

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Obviously, I am not a doctor so be 100% clear that I am recommending this as a friend, as a peer, as someone who has spent years immersed in the emerging studies on this plant.

Be sure to consult with your medical practitioner on any new items you decide to take. My partnership with Joy Organics means that if you purchase through my links I will receive a small commission. This does not change your price one penny. So, help TWO women founders all in one purchase to HELP YOU!

Now there's an awesome example of enlightened self-interest if I ever saw one!

Why did I choose Joy Organics?


  • Certified Organic Hemp – No pesticides, heavy metal free. Legal in all 50 states.


  • Grown and made in USA for quality control


  • Third party lab testing – Certificate of Analysis and a Certificate of Quality Assurance confirmed by third party labs


  • Female Founder: Women entrepreneurs earn only $0.25 to every male-earned dollar. So I am intently focused on raising up women-owned business where the product meets all my exacting personal standards.


  • Absorption Rate –  Unique patent pending biotech allows Joy Oganics to deliver CBD in an easy to travel with and swallow soft gel capsules that have 4 times the absorption rate of oils and tinctures requiring less intake for full effectiveness


  • Full spectrum – cannabinoids and terpenes means max effectiveness


  • Zero THC - Pass drug tests and ensure you won't be altered.


  • Consistency – hemp comes from the same strain and goes through the same extraction process for consistent results with every bottle, salve or gel


  • Pharmaceutical grade – Tight quality controls and consistent manufacturing. All our products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility that conforms to FDA guidelines.


  • Great customer service – Free shipping and 30 day money back guarantee!!

Some reasons people use CBD (no results can be guaranteed at this stage in the research process given US regulatory limits, try at your own discretion and risk, see below for credibility resources):


  • Performance Enhancement for brain, stamina, energy levels

  • Anxiety Disorders


  • Pain Relief


  • Insomnia


  • ADHD

  • Autism

  • Reduce symptoms for quitting smoking


  • PTSD


  • Seizures


  • Muscle pain relief with balm/salve


  • Nausea including nausea related to chemotherapy


  • Many more but these are some top uses

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