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Sat, Sep 30


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Pandimensional Parenting Free Learn More Gathering

Join Bri and Melanie as they share behind the scenes insights into their new Pandimensional Parenting program which begins Oct 9, 2023. There are free bonues available only for those who attend the live.

Pandimensional Parenting Free Learn More Gathering
Pandimensional Parenting Free Learn More Gathering

Time & Location

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Sep 30, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT

Zoom info will be sent to registered peeps!

About the event

MONUMENTOUS NEWS from Off The Map with Melanie!!!

In the coming weeks, the entire way in which Off The Map shares and offers our vast supports for your evolutionary process and journey to Cosmic Child embodiment will be upgraded massively.

This will include full community options for the first time ever as well as new materials upgrading my vast body of work. Many of you have been clamoring for years about desiring a place where you can gather with other gifted humans on this very specific journey.

It is finally time.

More on this in the weeks to come, but the BIG NEWS TODAY…

At long last something that has been in my heart to offer for years is HERE.

It turns out I was simply waiting for the correct collaborator!!

I couldn’t be more delighted to make available to you now:


Teaching you how to ensure your children stay fully connected to their light throughout childhood into their adult years!

The TL;DR:

  • 10 week, small group program, Oct 9 – Dec 16, 2023.
  • Live group calls 2x/ week for actionable, practical methods and personalized deep dive into YOUR family’s needs.
  • Live private community: stay connected with Bri and Melanie and meet other parents on the same path. This doesn’t need to be so lonely!
  • Digital library you’ll retain access to after you complete.
  • Massive other goodies….

My collaborator on this is my Cosmic Sister, the marvelous and magical Bri Litster, who some of you have been hearing about in my Transmissions episodes on the Luminosity podcast.

We have been encoding and planning this program for several months now.

The fact of the matter is that it is time for parenting supports that not only help you avoid creating the need for your children to access massive therapeutic coaching supports as adults in order to have high quality lives, it is time for everyone to learn how to parent through the esoteric lens of helping children STAY FULLY CONNECTED to their inner light all the way into adulthood WITHOUT interruption.

This is an insanely hard thing to do at this time.

It flies in the face of everything society dictates we do as parents. E V E R Y T H I N G.

And if that wasn’t enough, the children being born in recent years and those ahead are RADICALLY DIFFERENT in their soul types and energy architecture.

They are coming to live in and further advance the new world we have just barely begun birthing energetically and will be bringing into form in the coming years.

So they are born LIGHT YEARS ahead of you. This goes way beyond the usual reality of children being “closer to the veil” than older kids and adults.

Raising these children will be the most confronting experience you ever have in your life, because you did not come in in this manner.

Nope. You had to fight and scrape and work and die countless inner deaths of identity and relationships in order to even get where you are.

And you do not want that for your children.

I know when I conceived my daughter almost 25 years ago, my solemn vow simply was to f#ck her up in an entirely new way than I had been... 🤣 Ya, I actually said that to my therapist at the time! To break and end the multigenerational BS that had been dealt to me.

Now to be fair, I actually had a higher bar than that for my parenting. My daughter is absolutely one of the most amazing humans you could ever meet. So I did darn good. Everyone along the way has said so, it’s not just mama bias talking here 🤣🤪

But this is truly what we all want: for our children to have even better lives than our own, no matter how amazing ours have been. And for us to have actually ENJOYED THE PROCESS.

During my 25 year #CEO4Others career before I began Off The Map 6 years ago, I was applying research and science to the creation of effective, award winning social service and clinical programs including parenting programs. (I am a massive science nerd as well as an esoteric mystic.)

What we are bringing you in Pandimensional Parenting is therefore fully grounded in science and research on human flourishing and development across the lifetime, from conception on up, including neuroscience, epigenetics, psychology, and more.

But that is just one actually small piece of this incredible pie.

Bri and I both have some of the most refined, rarefied, and sought after esoteric capacities and wisdom in the world. We command 6 figure and up retainers from private clients who are global leaders, professional creatives, entrepreneurs all on their conscious journey of massive evolution during this turn of the ages.

And Bri has also raised FIVE CHILDREN…. (I feel like this sentence should end right there and be more than enough, 🤣 🤯 but, no, there is more…) ALL OF WHOM HAVE STAYED CONNECTED TO THEIR LIGHT into adulthood.

Honestly, I still don’t fully get how she has done this given the world in which she has done so.

Don’t you want to know too??

Thank GAWD Off The Map has the infrastructure to support our new collaboration to bring you this Pandimensional Program.

It will be packed with tactical, practical, actionable how to’s that will immediately upgrade what’s going in your home.

We will also help you see the longer arc of your children’s trajectory with guidance on how to ensure their highest timelines and richest futures come into form.

And, let’s be honest, we will lovingly but firmly also help you see where your unresolved issues and energies from this life and beyond may be the primary barrier to your children having the life you want for them AND how to complete these.

For both of us, this is an absolute labor of love and a long running dream. To say we are excited is the biggest understatement of the year!

Now this is not just a 10 week change your life, change your family’s lives, change everything program.


Others around the globe have been moving more and more into hyper localized efforts to parent and raise children differently.

People GET this in their hearts. In their BONES.

And yet most are fumbling along on pure instinct. And as great as instinct and intuition is for parents, it simply will not be enough for what is happening now and what is coming.

So, enter Pandimensional Parenting!

We open this new container for the first time on October 9th.

Those of you with school age kids have been wrestling with the back to school vibe already and feeling the pain and the dissonance of it.

This program is for any current or soon to be parent, of any gender. Your kids can be of any age as long as they are still kiddos. We won’t be addressing adult children in their 20s.

You can come as a solo parent or come as a couple (at the same price).

We are launching this today with no bells and whistles yet, just the pure amazing content and words to describe that.

For those who don’t care about all that phoofy fun marketing glam, we have the option for you to register for this now at 50% OFF!!

This “early bird no frills marketing” HALF OFF option is available only until Sept 26.

It comes with some goodies too!

Sign up for this early bird option and get bonuses worth $4,694+:

  • A free private 1:1 energetic reading session with Bri ($1,250 value) THIS BONUS IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL SEPT 26!!!!
  • 2 months of free access to the highest level of the new community in Off The Map (launching later this fall) for discussion and community on personal and evolutionary themes: ($2,222 value)
  • The JOY of MONEY program free ($111 value): learn about money energies and how to boost your own relationship with them and then teach this to your children so they immediately interact with money in the highest manner.
  • Discounted access to other Off The Map services and products along the journey


Now, for those of you feeling more unsure or with nervous systems that just won’t let you say yes quite yet, we are offering 2 live free sessions to share more about the program and give you the chance to meet us and ask questions.

During these live sessions there will also be some bonuses available and a lower than primary invest met option but it will NOT be at the 50% off level and it will NOT INCLUDE the private energy reading of your child/ren with Bri.

These sessions are on:

Wed, Sept 27 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET


Sat, Sept 30 at Noon PT / 3pm ET

You only need to attend one.

And for those who grab that hot 50% off offer before these lives but still want to join us for the fun hang out, feel free to also register!

(Side note to those feeling weird about these deadlines and specials: these are transparently created to help you move past the resistance your neurobiology will always have when it comes to your own expansion. YOU DECIDE what works for you always. And, let’s be real, we all LOVE a deal, including us. Offering several tiers of access to this program creates rewards for you to take action and action is the amplifier of your resonance! If this offer doesn’t align then we thank you for reading this far and share INFINITE LOVE to you along your way)

We are so excited for you to join us in the new movement of parenting so that our children never lose connection to their own light and radiance!

You are going to love this journey!

It will change... well... EVERYTHING.

Not *just* your parenting and the trajectory of your children's lives, but also YOU and everything in your life design and in the garden of you.

Once you register, for the live free discussion or the program itself, you'll receive everything you need for accessing the program and the community via email from another system than this one so please be on the look out for that and add the contact top your safe/white label list so it doesn't go to junk/promotions folder.

Contact us anytime at for help or questions.


Melanie + Bri

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