The Burnout Escape Plan

for Gifted Women Professionals

Gifted women have a much tougher experience of burnout and overwhelm. Sounds crazy, right?


Shouldn’t the giftedness be useful in escaping those sorts of troubles?


In fact, their giftedness TURNS AGAINST THEM.

It becomes a critical barrier to recovery and healing. And they have a far harder time recovering without simply blowing up their lives.

The good news...? Sometimes THE CRISIS IS THE CURE.


Are you ready to learn how to unlock your true gifts, understand your true potential at last, and become a Burnout Escape ARTIST? 


I share the keys you need in this free training. It's free of cost, yes. And it's free of bullshit, long winded stories about my personal journey, and promotional nonsense! 




This training breaks down exactly what you need to become a burnout escape ARTIST and finally understand how to channel and leverage your giftedness.

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Gifted women rarely feel like they are truly “living up to their full potential.” They have success, receive accolades and awards and move ahead in ways that others view as successful, but inside they often become bored to death and feel like there is supposed to be something better, but they don’t have clarity on what that would be.


As children, skipping grades or accessing special classes in school was usually the only option (if any) available to support these gifted girls.


These girls grow up feeling like they are never good enough because of the ways in which even well-meaning loved ones try to “push them to their true potential”.


They end up focusing on the good grades and later the titles and high income to please everyone else, but it never really feels like this was that glorious potential she imagined as a girl. There was no support for her feminine identity. It’s all masculine push push push. No balance if we want to feel accepted, praised, loved.


All the negative effects build up like compound interest, faster and higher than one would ever imagine at the outset. In spite of all her past success, when she falls into the black hole of overwhelm and burnout, she simply does not have the tools she needs to combat it and escape its awful, inexorable, gravitational pull.


Burnout may, in fact, be the first time she has faced a challenge she cannot master.


She does what she knows how to do. She doubles down. She triples down.


She starts obsessively researching how to feel better.



Better list making.

The “top 3 morning routines successful CEOs do religiously.”

She buys a new planner. Then another. Because the way THIS one is organized is going to make it all come clear.


Or, rather, she decides to try them but finds she can’t really get it in gear. She starts but never finishes. Researching wellness and productivity strategies becomes an addiction.


She falls deeper into other numbing behaviors like binging TV/Netflix, overdrinking/eating/spending, social media rabbit holes. She’s addicted to learning but not experiencing any transformation.


She’s still great at rousing the troops and inspiring folks with her big vision, but inside she feels the sharp edge of fear and panic.


Meanwhile, back at the office she is missing targets, falling short on goals. She is paralyzed with the fear of what will happen if she can’t pull it together.


She has a million fabulous big ideas but can’t seem to implement on any of them at home or the office. Maybe she gets passed over for a new project or promotion opportunity.


She is in the trough of the wave now and cannot see anything other than the impossible-to-scale walls of the giant waves around her.


Her irritability grows and she snaps at someone in the office and her partner at home.


She cries suddenly out of the blue, makes it to the bathroom just in time. Hot, angry, and confused tears.


Sometimes she thinks if she just got fired or had a breakdown, at least she would get a break.


Her giftedness has always been her path to success, but it is failing her now.


In fact, HER GIFTEDNESS HAS BECOME THE BIGGEST BARRIER TO RECOVERY she faces. The trouble is that she doesn’t know it. YET.


But she can learn it. This is where the tide can turn FAST.


Want to learn how?


This is one of those times where THE CRISIS IS THE CURE, if one is willing to face the fear and stand in rock solid commitment to doing whatever it takes to fix this crap for real and forever. She can achieve escape velocity from the big black hole of burnout.


Once she unlocks the secrets to giftedness, all sorts of amazing things start happening.


First comes recovery and healing and then the fun really kicks in because now that she is starting to understand her giftedness, she has new horizons available to her in clear view for the first time!


She not only begins to fix the pain, she rebuilds true self confidence that no other person or situation can take away ever again.


She connects to her true spirit, her core essence. She aligns with a better way, a better life.


A life of being fully and joyfully engaged in everything she does, without overwhelm and crashes, manifesting previously hidden superpowers all over the place!


A life marked by crystalline clarity about where she wants to go and how to start moving towards her glorious future NOW with minimal grind and stress.


She is LIT UP from the inside out, because, my friend, there is nothing better than when one has optimized their superpowers and are using them fully and with ease to build their dreams.


Ready to DITCH overwhelm and burnout?


100% committed to fixing this, to escaping from the black hole of burnout and finally unlocking the keys to giftedness?


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The world needs what we each have. The world needs us to be play big. We need to learn how to play big without losing our minds!


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