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Helping remarkable beings have remarkable lives

life alchemy requires wise and inspired science + spirit / research + magic

You're ready to get started! Let the ripples flow outwards from your clear intention for transformation, bringing magic and light into your experiences right away!

Fill out the forms below to get started in GROOVE Prime and launch a whole new level up of life for yourself! 

  • Once you complete this form you'll receive a welcome email and you'll have access to your new program materials!

  • There are actually TWO forms below 🤪 !

  • The first form is required to get started.

  • The second form, further down below on this same page, is a pre-program survey using a research-based instrument. You'll do the same one at graduation and have a before and after quantitative measure to see your impacts as well as the incredible qualitative ones you've been having the whole way through. It's 12 simple questions, takes just a couple of minutes. You can always return to this form later and a link to it is inside your orientation materials if you don't have time now. 

  • Just be sure to complete the hope survey before you begin program materials!


Enroll Me Now!

Wonderful! A welcome email with all of you log in and getting started info is winging its way through the ethers right now!

Please keep scrolling down to fill out the pre-program survey! It's right below the program agreement view/download button!


You can also return to that inside the Orientation section of the program.

View Full Program Agreement Here

OOOOO, boy, this is gonna be S O M U C H F U N!!! We are ready for you, Magical One! And you are ready now too, time for the great expansion! Let the wild rumpus begin! Please review and agree to the following terms and conditions before you can get started! (these are identical to the ones you already reviewed when processing your payment, we just like to be thorough for you! a copy is also available inside the program materials so you don't have to worry about saving this one if you'd wanted to do that but don't want to bother right now, we get it!)

Snyder Adult Dispositional Hope Score Survey

We use hope research as one of the many scientific strands informing our materials. Answer the questions without too much overthinking. There is no right answer. You'll have the before and after score info at graduation to show you a quantitative outcome to pair up with the amazing and magical qualitative outcomes!

Use this numbered scale to respond to the following statements with the answer that most closely matches for you. Don't overthink it.

You only need to enter the number in the field. It won't let you answer anything else or a number outside of the scale, so don't worry! We got you!


1-Definitely False

2 - Mostly False

3 - Somewhat False

4 - Slightly False

5 - Slightly True

6 - Somewhat True

7 - Mostly True

8 - Definitely True


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