private retreats

individuals & small groups

  • Designing your new business.

  • Uncovering your core essence and leveling up on your path.

  • Rooting out internal narratives that no longer serve.

  • Opening your portal to the universe so that the starlight in your veins lights you up everyday.


  • Building or strengthening a team.

  • Growing your team's capacity to show up authentically, safely, and in their whole selves.

  • Rapid uncovering and timeline mapping of your most business-critical moves for growth.

  • Science + spirit for a new powerful productivity that doesn't cause overwhelm and burnout.

These are just a few examples of what I can design for you in a private retreat anywhere from a half day to multiple days long. 


I delight in designing magical gatherings for people in which all feel shiny and powerful, connected and at ease, playful and spirited. These are turbo boosts, superchargers, replenishing and fulfilling gatherings that reconnect you to your magic, no matter the agenda and goals.


Contact me directly to create a fantastic retreat for you personally, you and a small group of close friends, or you and your team/business partners.