the craft of you

When you master the art and science of nervous system, brain, and body - your chosen "human suit" - and weave these arts skillfully with the science and magic of the spirit, you can design the life you want with grace and ease.

Conjure and anchor firmly the life design you crave, which your heart longs for, knowing it to be its true home.

Discover your true rhythms and delight in the growing skillfulness of balancing and merging and choosing between your masculine and feminine essences in such a way that you live with joy and deep impact, your awareness of trueSELF ever expanding and bringing its magic forth in service to the world.

I offer beautifully crafted jewels of magic and science wisdom compressed together into perfect diamonds of knowledge that activate everything you need.

Each rainbow diamond matches to key needs along the journey. I invite you to learn more:

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GROOVE for Gifted Women

nourish your tired soul

unlock that big brain and connect it to spirit.

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uncover your magic!

more words here re finding and expanding magic

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GROOVE Biz Design

nourish your tired soul

more words here re giftedness

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bespoke magic explosion

individually curated training and unlimited magic portal access. Get your Jedi on and enjoy effortless impact in your life and on the world at amazing levels.


“best choice I've made this year”

"Melanie has orchestrated content that brings me an ideal balance of reflection, connection, intention, and action."


—  Katie H.

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