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assessment call

Are you ready to go big? to go deep? to go ALL IN?

Then let's talk!

I create space for you in these assessment calls to get clarity about what is calling to you within your soul at this time and how to create that experience in your human life now. 

Beneficiaries of these calls always express what a massive gift they are and routinely find that things begin shifting right away for them afterward, even before beginning formal work together. 

This happens both as a function of my skill and wisdom from decades of immersion in the human sciences and business at the highest echelons, but also as a function of our sharing energy space together and your access to bathing in my resonance. I know, that may make you cringe or go YUCK, it used to do that for me too 😂 and I wouldn't claim it externally for many years, but it's simply a fact. It's important for you to understand that this may also be something you want to refine for yourself. Our energies are always affecting and infecting whomever we allow in. This can be an expanding or contracting effect depending on the quality of the energy.

Here's the process:

  1. Complete the pre call form below: this will help you further assess if the call itself does align for you at this time.

  2. Book your time.

  3. ​Show up for the call at your scheduled time via the Zoom info sent to you (we use audio only so no video is used) ready to devote your full attention.


This 45 min session goes fast and deep into where you are at this time and what joyous expansion wants to come through you. We will get clear on what is required to support whatever that new expansion may be. If it feels exactly aligned, I will propose ways to continue working together and the call fee will be credited towards that.


Please keep at least an additional 45 min free beyond the scheduled time in case the depth and breadth of what's happening within you calls for more time. This happens occasionally and if it does, you'll be glad to have cleared the extra time. Even if the call does not run long, you will be glad for the processing and integrating time as every call creates a massive opening of awareness within the caller. All calls are done via audio on a recorded Zoom link/line, you can join via phone or computer from a comfortable location without distraction or worry about lighting and facing a screen.


Can't wait to spend time with you, Beautiful Star Being!

WIth deep love,


Melanie Gillespie, MBA  ⇡  Evolutionary Guide

Storyteller in Residence – Planet Earth 🌀🐲💫💛💎🌎

Evolutionary Guide + Activist for the Emerging Homo Lumens species

Chief Multi Galactic Ass Kicker @ Off The Map w/ Melanie

Pronouns: She/Her


Ensuring the most highly gifted humans on the planet fully evolve into what they truly came here to be.

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