“best choice I've made this year”

"Melanie has orchestrated content that brings me an ideal balance of reflection, connection, intention, and action."


—  Katie H.

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about melanie

We have unlimited galaxies inside ourselves waiting to be born. My path calls me to help you birth some of those galaxies, as I am birthing my own, and embrace all aspects of your wholeness in everything you do. 


I am:  Starlight.  Mama.  Badass.  Magical.  Multi Galactic Ass Kicker.  Truth seeker.  Fierce Warrior.  Ancient Child.  Generous Nurturer.


Throughout my personal evolution of increasingly living in my whole self, I have been fortunate to have gotten my MBA, served as CEO 3 times (twice reporting to Boards), done executive coaching and strategic organizational consulting all during a successful 25 year career leading organizations with 8 figure budgets and deeply immersed in the sciences teaching us what humans need to thrive including neuroscience, epigenetics (how our body is changed by experience), hope, and goal attainment research to name a few. I have delighted in my preternatural knack for spotting and nurturing amazing talent in others and creating incredible teams in which the whole vastly outweighs the sum of the parts.


As I outgrew each of the boxes of these chosen roles and moved on to new and bigger boxes, like getting my MBA and moving into bigger leadership roles, I realized I am happiest and most effective in a container or box that has room for me to show up in as spacious a way as I am able, at that time. I have now come to the place in my journey where I am done with boxes created by others altogether. This is why I have launched Off The Map to deploy several of my galaxies, using all of me: my business skills, my deep knowledge base, my intuitive and magical superpowers, my fun and creative aspects, all shared to help those of you who resonate with these ideas and are ready for support to birth some of your own galaxies.


I do my best work with people who are ready to upgrade their box or even toss the boxes out altogether and are ready to figure out how to operate from the vastness of their whole selves. I call this operating “off the map,” unconstrained by society’s restricted and conventional ideas about what is “normal” and what identities we are “permitted.” 


The world needs what you have.

The world needs you to play big!

You need to know how to play big without losing your mind!

I’m here to help you get there.