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Welcome to the World

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The Seven Stars!

introducing the first full length story:


a cosmic fairy tale



A fairy tale for all ages of the birth of a new world... or the destruction of all of creation...

An 11 year old girl is whisked from her home by a mysterious stranger with whom she feels safer and more at home than she ever has…

At her new home, she will begin to study the magics of the Seven Arts and discover she may be the girl in an ancient prophecy about how to remove fear from all of creation… but some believe this would destroy all of creation...

A young boy has been drawing a graphic novel about a girl and a dragon based on visions he cannot ignore…

A talking cat who may be something other than a cat entirely…

In Elentari, we launch into a rollicking journey of incredible suspense and delight as we travel with young Neli in search of understanding who she truly is, where she actually comes from, and what she is destined to do and be in this life.

Along the way we encounter dragons, other realms, and black holes as well as the equally mysterious currents and cultures of a modern day school!

This is the first production from Big Stories in the Wild, a multi media project from Melanie Gillespie with the mission of bringing forth stories that open the hearts of all people and activate the starmaps within them.


Big Stories in the Wild provides what the human soul now craves: stories of thrilling delight that prove suspense is not the sole domain of fear-based, nervous-system-wracking stories that predominate the publishing and media worlds at this time.

Welcome to the Magical World of the Seven Stars!

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