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Learn How to Properly PLAY with
Money Energies and unlock

I want you to become skilled at playing with
money energies in their highest vibration.

Money is a super fun energy thread for playing and communing with the deep sacred current of lifeforce. 


So I have created The Joy of Money for you! 


It is a new course offered at a radically lower rate than my private and small group containers which is the only previous place to get this sort of mentoring with me. 


And I have been creating some additional new materials to go with the current library! WOO HOO! 




People with whom I have worked, whether we have directly addressed money desire or not, have uniformly seen radical shifts in their available tangible resources. 


Going from no income to a half a million a year in less than a year has happened several times, just as one example. 


Doubling weekly earnings every week for months at a time with no changes to one's business model is another real example. 


More importantly than the dollar amounts (and I get it, when we are starting out at scarcity levels, the dollar amounts MATTER), is the 180 in quality of life due to the core underlying shifts that catalyze the new relationship with money energies, turning on the spigot into your accounts. 




In The Joy of Money, I'm going to lay it ALLLLLL out for you: 


🌟 Minimum baseline internal conditions for elevating the vibration of the money energies with whom you are communing. 


 🌟 Addressing key energetic themes such as: 


  • "money is the root of all evil" 


  • the energies of wealth creation and wealth maintenance (these are two different things) 


  • "if I don't have money, it's my fault and I am failing spiritually" 


  • guilt related to having and receiving money in a world dominated by poverty 


  • the workings of energy exchanges 


  • the belief that healing and light work should be performed "for free."

 🌟  The correct metaphysical architecture and mechanics for dealing with money needs so that you stop repelling money.




IT IS TIME, Beloved, for a radical internal paradigm shift. 




In fact, it is required if you want to keep up with Earth's massive energy elevations and the burgeoning evolutionary leap of humanity into Homo Lumens. 


Time to learn how to pick sexier "battles..." in fact... time to learn how to shift from any battles at all into pure embodied expression for its own sake with the infinitely abundant resources at hand that you require and deserve for exactly that!

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