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Welcome to LUMINOSITY, a massive private playground portal (away from social media) for multimedia sharings of metaphysical teachings, expanded and exclusive transmissions, and STORIES that activate and unlock the star maps within you!

Melanie offers beautifully crafted jewels of magic and science wisdom compressed together into perfect diamonds of knowledge that activate everything you need.

Each rainbow diamond matches to key needs along the journey.

Melanie is also offering ongoing voluminous free Transmissions and other supports through the podcast LUMINOSITY w/ Melanie Gillespie, available now EVERYWHERE you like to be! Click below for your favorite pod player to subscribe and get notifications. We would CHERISH your reviews there as well.  5 star reviews 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 make the world of difference in boosting a podcast's visibility! Let's spread the magic to the whole world! Episodes are also always available below.

join Melanie on Substack for spoken and written word esoteric intel updates and discussions of ALL THE THINGS evoLEAP:

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