I know... you want proof. Is Melanie as badass as she claims?
Is her mysticism, magic, science, and spirit work as powerful as I need?
The answer is YES.
But if you'd like to hear about it from others, here you go:

Katie H. ~ Business Owner

“best choice I've made this year”

"Melanie has orchestrated content that brings me an ideal balance of reflection, connection, intention, and action."

Malik T, ~ CEO

“unexpected epiphanies”

"You know that feeling when someone unlocks a THING for you and you have a sense of direction after floundering for a while?


Me, too, thanks to Melanie Gillespie!"

Karen K. ~ Entrepeneur

"I AM finding joy in my life...”​

"...and I believe I will continue to do so. I will be forever grateful for you, your program and the HUGE part you are playing my transformation!​

Priya ~ C-Suite Major Global Company

Priya got a promotion just a few weeks into the program, 


which she says wouldn’t have happened without The Burnout Escape Plan. This will mean as much as a 40% increase in bonus-based income growth, but more importantly to her, it also means the breaking of a major glass ceiling for women of color in her company.

Bethany R. ~ Therapist

“Spirit-centered coach who is also fiercely real”​

"Melanie encourages me to honor my wild heart and leap forward... Melanie will be Sam AND Gandalf to your Frodo."

Katherine ~ Entrepreneur

“Melanie is intuitive and compassionate”

"[she] understands and draws out exactly what next steps will help me level up in my work as a business owner."

Teresa ~ Senior Director

"pain abated, sleeping better, energy increased"


"I'm sleeping better after just 3 weeks and rarely clench my jaw. All of my oral pain has abated and back pain is no longer a daily issue. I'm seeing possibilities and opportunities. My energy level has increased."

Tracy M. ~ Senior Manager & Small Biz Owner

"stunned by the sense of spaciousness she has helped me to create."


"In our session yesterday, I told Melanie one of my fears about joining the program was that I was so maxed out and low energy that I honestly could not add one single thing to my to do list. Four weeks later, I am stunned by the sense of spaciousness she has helped me to create."

Karen W. ~ Small Biz Owner

"By day 3...."


"I'm feeling some major shifts happening. 

Grateful for you and your program!"

Rachel V, ~ Entrepeneur

"Oh! This is what health looks like!"

"Even just three weeks in, my life and energy feels so much more spacious, my health so much better."

Meredith M. ~ Nonprofit Executive Director

“Turning my professional challenges into an opportunity”​


"One of the most powerful things that Melanie has done for me routinely is turning my angst or professional challenges into an opportunity. As a leader, I know this is possible, but as a human, I don't always see it."

Tania ~ Senior Manager

"There's a huge shift in perspective..."


"...when you move from 'how will I survive' and 'how can I avoid being crushed' to having boundaries in place that allow me to focus on balance and improvement."