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The world needs what you have.

The world needs you to play big!

You need to know how to play big without losing your mind!

I’m here to help you get there.

GROOVE for Gifted Women


Gifted women suffer higher rates of despair, overwhelm, apathy, and burn-out because they don't understand their own giftedness, how it gets in the way, and how to use it. 


But this can be learned and then leveraged to launch a new life of delicious freedom, nurturing prosperity aligned with the craft of core essence, daily joy, fully discerned and manifested purpose, and relaxing ease!

ignite the starlight in your veins,

manifest magical badassery!


free in-depth training available!

We live in an exciting time when scientific discovery and many spiritual perspectives are overlapping and reinforcing each other. It is my joy and my calling to blend these in unique ways to benefit the uplifting of others into the next level of their own path.

You are becoming. Be gentle with yourself.

You are an ancient child, outside of time,

with starlight flowing through your veins.

Come dance with me as you awake.


In the immortal words of the glorious Tina Turner, 

let's stay together!

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"Melanie has orchestrated content that brings me an ideal balance of reflection, connection, intention, and action."


—  Katie H.

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