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the infinite meadow of play + delight
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::: You are evolving rapidly now :::

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Beyond the outer journey...
beyond the golden statues and titles...
beyond the hard work and achievement...
there is a new field opening for humans.

An infinite meadow of play and delight,
a place where the wisdom of experience
combines with the restoration of pure innocence.

This is the inner journey of the
evolution of an aeon.

Humanity is evolving as a species.

At the forefront are the highly gifted,
whose unusual brains
- less than 2% of the population -
are simply precursors to our
true pandimensional nature
coming into our embodied
human experience now.

There are no maps.
There are no road signs.
There aren't even any trails.
You are going where none have gone before,
in all of the ages, across all of the worlds.
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We evolve through stages of removing
that which is not purely our true essence.

The encrusted barnacles of the past can hurt
to scrape off, but doing so makes the ship of you
sail more smoothly.

Keep cleaning and clearing until you feel you are seeing clearly through the windows to the grand vista.

Then remove the window itself.

Become the most transparent container for
your cosmic self that you can be.

This is that outer field of freedom and
joyful embodied expression of the
deep sacred current of lifeforce
which we have always craved.
New GROOVE banner images (2400 × 1260 px) (760 × 420 px) (2400 × 600 px) (7).png

Your cosmic self is rising
within you QUICKLY NOW

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The most powerful
cosmic support
ensures that the most
highly gifted humans on the
planet evolve fully into
what they truly
came here to be.

science + spirit  :  research + magic

The seed of your unique creation has lain dormant inside you since your human conception.

Coated in esoteric resin like the seeds of certain plants and trees requiring extreme heat to melt it and activate it.

The path of extreme pressure to reveal the true diamond has surely carried you through intense initiatory and upleveling periods. 

Dark nights of the soul. 

Bright nights of the soul too.

Extreme heat...

Reminding you of the heat within and generated by the star that you have been in another life, the current heat of pressure in your human journey sparks awake the starmap within of home.

That stardust still present inside your biological vessel reminds you of WHO YOU ARE.

You are becoming.
You are an ancient child, outside of time,
with starlight flowing through your veins.
Come dance with me.
I came here to help you remember.
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tree galaxy circle (1)_edited_edited.png
We live in an exciting time when scientific discovery and
many spiritual perspectives are overlapping and reinforcing each other.
It is my joy and my calling to blend these in unique ways to benefit
the uplifting of others into the next level of their own path.
Reconnecting to and integrating one's cosmic self and one's original self
within the embodied human self is the core marker of
the species shift into Homo Lumens.
The union of this trinity within you is marked by a radical - beyond exponential - expansion of your human photosynthesis and bioluminescence.

Mastery of one's neurobiology and other core bodily sciences is a prerequisite on this journey. This is no new age trip, filled with puppies and unicorns
(well, ok, perhaps we'll have some puppies and unicorns along the way!
It IS a super fun ride after all!).

This is the inner devotion your gifted brain has been
driving you towards since birth.

You mistook it for worldly achievements.
All that has prepared you for this.
It has all led here.

You came here to become something entirely NEW.

You are already feeling it stirring within you.
Strap in, it's a wild ride!
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