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Your gifted brain places you in the top 2% of intellectual/creative potential in this life.


The nature of neurological giftedness is to have a radically heightened inner drive to create new things, to go first, to go fast, to discover new connections and synthesize that which appears unrelated or even paradoxical to others.


Why were you born with this brain?

How does it affect the evolutionary leap humanity has begun?


I’m bringing together a small group of highly gifted humans to immerse them deeply in an intimate activation and acceleration of their evolutionary leap into Homo Lumens for the benefit of their own human lifetime and that of all of humanity.


It’s called Becoming HOMO LUMENS because we are now entering the next phase of the required evolutionary leap of humanity from Homo Sapiens into a species capable of advanced generation and receiving of light within the biological body which allows for the soul to have the full embodied experience of all dimensions while here on Earth.


This has never been done before on this planet.


This is when miracles become everyday.


This is when what has previously been held secret about how to live the life your soul dreams for you and create with flow and joy becomes available to all who desire and choose it.


I'm going to guide you through the practical and esoteric realities of the highly gifted brain which was designed inherently to be a launch pad for your cosmic soul to fully become what it came here to be.


Then I’m going to give you the tools to access what you truly came here to be and create without boring or exhausting phases of inner collapse, stuckness, or physical crashes, even if you already feel you are in your peak evolutionary/personal experiences. (Spoiler alert: you’ve barely begun!!)


Your soul deeply craves to contribute positively and on a global scale to this planet and all her inhabitants.


Your ability to impact at this level fully depends on you unlocking your Cosmic Drive, your Cosmic Signal, and your Cosmic Child.


Without these three aspects flowing and consciously understood within you, you will repeatedly suffer crashes and unnecessary pain.

Whether you are interested in evolution or not. 

Cuz this is happening already, rippling around the globe! 

It's time to catch up to the leading edge where the gifted-brained belong!

Hence, Becoming HOMO LUMENS.


Clients who’ve worked with these themes have had truly remarkable experiences:


  • A successful serial entrepreneur turning 40 and in between business startups feeling a loss of clarity and purpose and suffering from a bad break up, entirely rejuvenated their soul, heart, and body, did a complete new life design and then started and successfully sold yet another business from a place of fun and play while magnetizing an incredible new life love.


  • A highly regarded painter expanded her mystical connection and collaboration with the souls of historically famous painters and poets to include Leonardo Davinci and radically transformed her rhythms to expand her output in the ways most meaningful to her.


  • A talented leading man, singer, and businessman connected powerfully to his inner golden cosmic throne, radiance, and cosmic child and learned how to fully live from that place of confidence, power, and calm, radically transforming his relationship, his performances, and his ventures.


  • A highly gifted couple together for two decades finally unlocked  key intimacy challenges interfering with their enjoyment of the absolute love and devotion to each other and their global business helping others find their voice.


  • A grieving widow in her 50s went from crying daily while raising two exceptionally talented and special needs teenagers into a life of daily delight filled with beautiful and enlivening sexual playtime experiences and a new business consistently earning half a million a year that allows her to fully express her own magic and experience the delight of her own unique soul design.


  • A global consultant for Fortune 100 companies redesigned her practice and her entire life design from a place of feeling lack and worry (despite extreme affluence) and always giving to others without caring for herself first into incredible boundaries capacity, oodles of free time, doubled and growing income, and radically healthier relationships.


  • A film director went from feeling harassed and beaten down by sexism and hostility in her industry into winning awards and freeing her own quality of experience to be directed by herself not those outside of her.


  • A mystic biologist came into her own understanding of her soul’s role holding Earth’s energy for over 4 billion years and deeply expanded and embodied her relationship with a special piece of land she was called to steward and tend to on behalf of The Sidhe and Mother Mary, transforming this land into a sacred site for people to visit and receive from while ensuring the physical resources for her and her family’s life are fully available.


  • A stuck, overwhelmed, highly gifted being came into understanding of and capacity to bring into form the book that had always hidden in her heart, now published and shared around the world.


  • A partner in a law firm was able to finally realize her dream of breaking free into a creative entrepreneurial life bringing beauty into the world and helping humanity with environmental issues without sacrificing the revenue she had perceived as keeping her trapped in the legal profession.


  • A singer who had literally lost her ability to sing (with none of the professional “cures” helping one bit) not only restored her song but radically transformed her daily quality of life to be centered on her own radiance and joy.


You and I will go over everything you need to activate and expand this for yourself.


You'll walk away knowing how to:


  • ​ Activate the portal that is your highly gifted brain into your soul’s COSMIC DRIVE so that you have incredible clarity of what you ACTUALLY are here to be and do versus all the dross layered onto you through your human life about "expectations" and "potential;"

  • Dial in and turn up your direct soul knowingness and guidance to quickly move past the “Trust Tribulations” phase so that the exhaustion that comes from trusting is swept away and replaced by the calm playful ease of KNOWING;


  • Access and embody your own unique version of the Cosmic Child codes for a lifetime of soulful play and creation with infinite, easy energy and joy!


Ready to come play? Have questions? I have answers!

Where and When?

We gather live via Zoom. Coming SOON FINAL DATE STILL TBA!


How Does It Work?

This is the first time I’ve gone this deep, this fast, in a group setting.


I expect us to have enormous fun while also massively revealing and transforming how you experience yourself.


We’ll all be on video together and will use the chat function too so you may prefer to use a larger screened device than a phone.


Come prepared to actively engage as I’ll be working with you directly. Yes, even you, shy one in the back sitting on his hands.


You will get the recording.


What Do I Need to Bring? 


Bring your open mind, your open heart, your devotion to the better world coming into form soon, and a readiness to engage!


I’ll make sure we have regular bio breaks and move around. We will also have some times when I am guiding you in activation so do have a comfortable seat.


Do I need to be super “spiritual” or “woo woo” to benefit from this?


Not at all. You don’t need to have any special psychic or multidimensional abilities at this time. You don’t even have to be all that interested in having such abilities.


But you do need to be intrigued by this incredible intersection of human science and the esoteric and be willing to open to new ideas of the nature of reality and how this cosmos works.


Who is This for?


This intimate immersive event is designed exclusively for humans of any gender who were born with the neuroatypical condition of having a highly gifted brain (in the top 2% intellectually/creatively).


You may doubt or feel uncomfortable with this label but, inside, you know. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever been identified by adults when you were a child or taken any tests. You know. If you are super doubting, ping me and we can discuss. I will know.

Keep in mind being born with this brain is no different than being born with brown eyes. It does not have any bearing on your worth or value in comparison to others, whatever internalized messages you may have around this.

This is also the first time I am bringing together men and women in the same group setting as previously I have only been working with men privately. So, be willing to discuss concepts of masculine and feminine energy without attachment to the false dogma that suggests the feminine is to be subordinated to the masculine or that these energies are only accessed or primarily determined by biological sex.


Lastly, have that inner drive that pushes you beyond every perceived limit, feel the inner hum of your soul’s desire to radically transform life on this planet for the better, and to access the beauty you crave and desire to share with the world.

YAASSSS, I’m IN!! What’s the Investment? 


This priceless transformational immersion is available for only $777 USD.


Or you can use an easy split pay option of $444 now to register and again after 30 days.


(I also have spots occasionally available to do this work privately 1:1 with me email me at melanie@melaniegillespie to find out more.)


Are there any bonuses?


There are tons of bonuses! What I want from this event is for you to immediately experience the inner upgrades so I’m going to deliver tons of goodies!


You’ll have free access to my The JOY of MONEY course which dozens of people have already paid for and consistently raved about!


I’ll also be gifting you with several private library items previously only available to high end clients including my powerful process for identifying and unplugging the childhood directives that created the structure of your current nervous system and brain’s way of interacting with life.


Is there a guarantee?


Life holds no guarantees other than your infinitely expanding potential and the unconditional love of the divine and neither does this incredible special event.


If you know the least little thing about me already, you know how dedicated I am to your evolution being smooth, rapid, and joyful.


If you commit yourself for this half day, you will experience massive shifts.


Why am I doing this?


I am here in this human form as a Living Bridge for the turning of the ages originating from Earth’s evolutionary journey and rippling through the entire cosmos.


As a result of the recent years’ energy shifts in the cosmos and for the planet, there is now a path forward for the human species. At earlier times, the human timeline did not have this opportunity.


I am so excited to continue creating the new master frequency templates that contribute to this shift and to work with the humans who are the cosmic planetary vanguard of this process.


I love doing this for its own sake, for the pure joy of creational mastery and experimentation here in this cosmos which is designed precisely to foster that.


When you come into your own inner soul embodiment and organize your life design around your growing cosmic self-embodiment and the joyfulness this brings, that is the biggest factor influencing the trajectory of humanity at this time on the planet.


And naturally, I am also excited to know that whatever you discover within yourself that now wants to be created in form and shared around the globe will massively improve the quality of life for many beings!


Even more cool than that, with the new timeline energy architecture for this cosmos since Dec 2, 2022, we now have the option for what I call the Bonus Round Timeline! This is a purely play-oriented timeline in which NOTHING IS WRITTEN. Nothing at all! Even the Cosmic Record Keepers have no information on what will happen! But boy are they ever excited! The energy architecture of the Bonus Round Timeline prohibits lower experiences by design as well.


So, I want lots of playmates in that space, a true cosmic soul party for the rest of my human life, and the only way for you to join me there is through these inner personal transformations I will guide you through.

How do I get a spot?


If you've read the questions above and meet the requirements just click the link below.



First come, first served...


If you need help with any of this, please email

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