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An Open Letter to Gifted Men

Dear Brother,

I love you. I love your giant brain. As I love my own.

Our big brains have carried us so far!


We have achieved so many successes, outer and inner.

Yet that gifted brain continues to push us on...


Ever forward...

Ever to the newest edge.

What if your brain has taken you as far as it can in this lifetime?

What if its inner pushing has been designed to unlock inner portals?


Portals to your cosmic self?


Portals for accessing your

embodied pandimensionality?

What if you came here to

become one of the early

planetary vanguard of the

evolutionary leap into Homo Lumens?

Purely for the sheer thrill and joy of going first?

Now THAT is a serious ADVENTURE!


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Some mountains are more fun to leap off with company.

Somebody to make sure you're in the best position and have the most elite, best in the world gear (that's inner gear in this case!)

Somebody to play your favorite soundtrack and capture it all on video as you soar!

Ok... so I'm not actually talking about base jumping in the 3D here 🤣.

I leave extreme physical sports to the professionals.

I'm talking about...




The sport of extreme cosmic embodiment.

I am the absolute number 1 top guide in the world for this sport!


This quick video will show you more:

(don't worry, you can quickly read it without sound, I got you...)

What DO you get the man
who already has everything?

An all-access private pass to
LEAP off the edge of the known world!

Welcome to Cosmic Base Jumping
for highly gifted men!

  • wow this is super activating... but... what *actually* is cosmic base jumping?
  • how do I know if this is right for me?
    if the above materials super aligned for you, then that's step one of assessment! the next step is to have a private chat with me so we can dig right into our mutual fit, assess where you're at, see how our chemistry is, bring through useful intel on timing, resonance, etc.
  • what is Melanie's perspective and experience working with men?
    mjhvkhvkv barry board rooms etc
  • wait! how come this is just for men? I'm a woman and I want to explore this for me!
    Absolutely! Cosmic base jumping is for anyone who is into the thrills of creating and existing at the farthest edges of their own experience!
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