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pop ups!

pop ups are beautiful unique energy jewels portaled in by Melanie for sharing with you in some super fun and creative way. Usually, this will look like some form of a salon / short class / workshop / mentoring / intense dialogue opportunity.

Pop-ups usually come through with a limited amount of time available between the revelation of the topic/reason for it and when it should happen, so these tend to come and go quickly. 


new pop up:

mar 20-21, 2021

There has been a massive new freeing of potential for all humans as of Feb 15. I describe more about this in the video below. I know some of you have shared with me feeling a lightening and brightening since then, despite the current external chaos and the sometimes extreme variability in personal energy levels from day to day or even within the same day.

With the coming equinox weekend on Mar 20-21, we are beginning a new 200 year cycle for planetary energies. What better time to start thinking about the long game of the inheritance and personal legacy we will leave behind for the generations to follow us?

To help you call in and jumpstart your personal legacy in contributing to the creation of New Earth and a new society for humans, I have created a 'pop-up' guided workshop for you. 

In it, you will access the freshest and most potent information about current planetary energies and the expansion getting started of New Earth and the evoleap of humanity to Homo Lumens.

This will take place on Sat Mar 20 and Sun Mar 21 at 11am - 1pm PST each day. We will gather using Zoom. (You will not need to be on video.)

You will leave the weekend with clarity about what you want your personal role in the evoleap of the planet and humanity to be and what legacy you want to leave behind through your dedication to bringing your unique version of Evolutionary Love into the planet.

The workshop will provide:


  • A framework for thinking about and integrating New Earth and Homo Lumens ideas;


  • Two live sessions via Zoom in which I share key transmissions and walk you through a guided and reflective process to call in clarity for your personal legacy of Evolutionary Love;


  • A small amount of prep work in the form of readings and audio to assure we are using a shared language and you can dive directly into the fun juicy bits right away;


  • Light homework to do between the two live sessions;


  • Clarity about your next steps in preparing to bring your legacy Evolutionary Love into form;


  • Access to a private group on Facebook dedicated just to us where we can chat outside of our sessions;


  • You will retain access to all program materials - including the live session recordings - after the workshop concludes.

Before signing up, do check out the overview video below which provides my foundational description of our shared cosmology and current spiritual and cosmic situation.


If this does not align for you, please do not sign up for the workshop. There is no judgment or concern about nonalignment for me, it’s simply a means to support you in finding the right places for you to receive the best support along your trajectory, a way to self-select in or out and be efficient for you.

Register for the workshop here.

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