pop ups!

pop ups are beautiful unique energy jewels portaled in by Melanie for sharing with you in some super fun and creative way. Usually, this will look like some form of a salon / short class / workshop / mentoring / intense dialogue opportunity.

Pop-ups usually come through with a limited amount of time available between the revelation of the topic/reason for it and when it should happen, so these tend to come and go quickly. 

The best place to get the fastest heads up about these is in the red blue purple community, where members have first pass access to all pop ups. This is especially crucial when pop ups are limited size, as they often are, for intimate conversations and mentoring.


new pop up:

8/1 - 8/4/20

timeline hopping:

a four day journey through time!

Warp, bend, rip time! Bend it to your will and robust creative desire. Quantum epigenetics uses story to create a powerful new reality.  This requires breaking away and out of the old stuff that is encrusting you like a freaking barnacle!

In this pop up salon class, you will leverage current planetary energies and the full moon on 8/3 to dissolve any remaining crap clouding your future.

Are you ready to go full-on feral and drop all of the useless domesticated habits of obedience to the old world? The habits that have you encased in stone, a living being trapped inside what appears to be a statue?


Use your new alchemy to transmute stone into clay and clay into harmless stand as you step up out into freedom and unfurling wings!


You will call in a specific vision for the first quarter of 2021. The current energies support this time window specifically.

You will emerge with a  powerful new written (or visually rendered) story and new magical capacities to guide you through the giant planetary shifts happening in the next 6 months!

What happens:

  • The group meets live 4 times, once per day, for 90 min each during which there is a lesson and then Q & A time

  • We gather throughout your 4 day journey inside a special secret FB group just for this pop up which Melanie has infused deeply with the most potent magical frequency!

  • In the group, you can share drafts, chat with others, receive commentary and support from Melanie and more 

Times of sessions:

  1:   Sat 8/1 at noon PDT / 3pm EDT

  2:  Sun 8/2 at noon PDT / 3pm EDT

            (the full moon is Mon 8/3 at 8:59am PDT / 15:59 UTC)​

  3:  Mon 8/3 at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

  4:  Tues 8/4 at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

all sessions happen using Zoom. all are recorded and recordings will be made available to you daily within an hour of session end for review or in case you miss it.


Supplies needed:

  • ability and means to join a zoom session, ideally from a computer screen versus a phone but you can make phone work in a pinch. 

  • materials to take notes

  • materials to create your story. Consider if you might like to go multimedia and use any or all of the following and more: writing, drawing, painting, collage (try magazines or digital from online images). Whatever will make the four day journey feel super fun, but nothing fancy is needed. you may find afterward that you want to take your story result to the next level and get really deep with it, so remember you have all the time that you want!

  • enthusiasm!


Extra boosts available:

If you want to add on personalized 1:1 magic from Melanie for your story you can do so. These are limited to just a handful of people.

Options (pick one or both pending availability):

  • DURING the pop up: Melanie reads my draft and related notes and provides me with direct portaled insights about how to slingshot this baby for maximum magic! Response typically comes  within 24 hours and is in the form of a recorded message (usually approx 20 min, sometimes as long as 60 min, no guarantees of what will "come through") and may also include written commentary as well.* $450. option available at time of main registration.

  • AFTER the pop up: weekly exchange in the same format as above to continue reviewing and refining your magical portal to call in your future memory! Available in weekly increments for up to a max 4 week period following the pop up's end. $450/week. option available at time of main registration.

*(notes to be entered into the provided form) (total limited to the approx equivalent of 5 pages of double spaced text - contact  support@melaniegillespie  if you want to go bigger than this, it's doable, it will require a higher value exchange and might require more time to deliver back to you, depending on what you're talking about) 

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“best choice I've made this year”

"Melanie has orchestrated content that brings me an ideal balance of reflection, connection, intention, and action."


—  Katie H.

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