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I float in the delicious, dreamy, gestational creation state which is my true HOME and the birthing place of all that my MAGIC creates - the infinite energy jewels of stories which are also galaxies and universes which I bring through and birth. 


Each universe, each galaxy, each world, is a story that was created from the eternal creative chaos of stardust and magic impregnated by one pure inspiration, one pure truth. 


Gestated in the black hole of creative juice at the center of the ALL OF ALL, each story that is birthed out through a temporary aligning of forces and structures imposing order on that raw and wild beautiful chaos until it is born. Each one a divine infinite jewel of energy and color, precious and unique.


I invite you to come dance with me in my stories and poems and other words, all of which are teachings and sparks to awaken, enliven, and quicken your heart and spirit towards yourSELF and your awareness of you within The ALL OF ALL. Be inspired, get excited, cry, share, love.


I love you.

Choosing between action and surrender

Sometimes your path is a solid, earthen road or trail upon which you must choose to take steps to move forward.

Sometimes your path is a river upon which you must choose to float and be carried forward.

Learning to discern when your path is showing up as a walking trail or a river is a critical capacity to develop in the 'craft of you' which is what supports continued expansion of awareness of yourSELF, of purpose, of deep magic, of divine creation technology.

If you try to walk on the river, you will get nowhere, sputtering and submerged underwater as the current pushes your body around. You will drown if you stay in this.

if you try to float on the walkway, you'll just lie there and go nowhere.

These can shift back and forth at any time.

Sometimes you might have many days or weeks of walking the path, of action and masculine essence being the best approach. Or of floating in and trusting the current of your feminine essence to progress you along.

Sometimes it might only be hours of one way, or even less, and then the switch blends itself in and the other begins to take prominence.

Develop skillfulness in how to do both, discernment of which is called for when, and how to weave them together into a most truly magical version of elevated groove flow state for divine creating.


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