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invite melanie to speak/teach

The impact is immediate.

The ripples will continue to deepen and expand. 


  • Recognize and Treat Overwhelm and Burnout

  • Get Unstuck and MOVE FORWARD

  • Your Personal Productivity Rhythm: Higher Output with Less Time & Vastly Less Stress

  • Reclaim & Turboboost Your Personal Magic

  • The Art & Science of Intuition in Leadership


  • Surprise! You're a Gregarious Introvert™! NOW What?


  • Tend to Your Most Important Garden


  • Grow Your Self Trust for Better Results Everywhere in Your Life

Audiences love Melanie. She brings an amazing energy that lights you up and expands your horizons. You're guaranteed to have at least one near mystical AHA or OHHH moment with her, usually more. She shares compelling stories alongside key tactics that everyone is able to use right away.


Melanie is able to accommodate a wide range of times for keynote talks or workshops. If you have a specific need, get in touch with her and she'll likely have a terrific way to address it or will know someone who can help if it's not a fit.

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