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12  11  21

Liberate Your Giftedness

a rare live event with Melanie

on Sat, Dec 11, 2021 at 10am PST / 1pm EST

Your giftedness sets you apart.

Sometimes that's amazing.

Sometimes it's lonely.

Society doesn't understand you. Very likely your own family and early teachers didn't understand you, even if they were loving.

Your whole life you have had an inner drive propelling you forward.

To what end? This has remained hazy.

At the start of new projects, new jobs, new businesses, it feels clear and you feel energized and things are fun!

Often, though, you quickly fall into a feeling of "MEH," of boredom, or existential questioning. Even despair.

Projects that are started don't get finished and their reminders lay around as stark evidence of... something. What story you hear and tell yourself about this is important. 

The rhythms you choose for yourself in your life design are incredibly important.


They must be uniquely designed to your particular giftedness.

They must be designed to support and enhance both your brain and your nervous system.


You must learn how to discern what is needed and then organize around this.

When you do, things actually get done in a manner that does not cause crashes.

When you couple that with expanded connectedness to intuition/spirit/heart, everything flows easily and joyfully.

Virtually all that is taught in the mainstream about these things, even where truly based on research, are not based on research about you, about us. 

We are statistical outliers.

We need new and special ways. We need to stop listening to the 98%. They DON'T GET US and they don't care.

This is the portal into finally tapping into your true inner potential and purpose.

Why you came here in this life.

What you crave to do and be in your next phase.

We will unlock and liberate this for you in a special live session on Saturday, 12/11/21 at 10am PST.

We meet for approximately 2 hours, we may run longer if conversation desires that. I will present key information to you and then we will have extended Q+A chat time.

You will be given a private Zoom link to join our session and a copy of the recording afterward.

I will be answering additional follow up questions for the group for up to 24 hours. This gives you a chance to process and come back to me as well, in case of emergency and you miss the live time.

Don't miss this opportunity. Currently it's a minimum 5 figure investment to access live time with me in some form. 

I am called and excited to speak with as many of you as possible in this live rare container at this radically negligible price so that the wisdom can go WIDE.

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