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I float in the delicious, dreamy, gestational creation state which is my true HOME and the birthing place of all that my MAGIC creates - the infinite energy jewels of stories which are also galaxies and universes which I bring through and birth. 


Each universe, each galaxy, each world, is a story that was created from the eternal creative chaos of stardust and magic impregnated by one pure inspiration, one pure truth. 


Gestated in the black hole of creative juice at the center of the ALL OF ALL, each story that is birthed out through a temporary aligning of forces and structures imposing order on that raw and wild beautiful chaos until it is born. Each one a divine infinite jewel of energy and color, precious and unique.


I invite you to come dance with me in my stories and poems and other words, all of which are teachings and sparks to awaken, enliven, and quicken your heart and spirit towards yourSELF and your awareness of you within The ALL OF ALL. Be inspired, get excited, cry, share, love.


I love you.

red blue purple

I first shared the red blue purple story as a Facebook post in May 2020 to help people wrap their heads around the "3D/5D" "New Earth" thing, as a starter dough mental model. It really took off and I regularly hear from people about how much it has helped them. Below is the original post:


I made you a story to explain the 3D / 5D thing vis-a-vis humans:


Imagine you are the color red.

You know no other colors because everything you see happens through your red eyes so everything is red.

You are jamming along in your redness and all is well.

You are the color of rubies, the essence of the blood running through human veins. You are bold and spirited!

One day, you are feeling… incomplete. You feel like you have an ache inside but you don’t know what for.

You start looking around, trying to figure it out.

You get more rubies. They are awesome!

But quickly you are back to wondering about that ache.

It feels like the thing you’re aching over is familiar, but it has become clear it’s not anything you’ve ever had or known.

So you really get into the seeking.

You run all around. You climb giant red mountains.

You sit and stare at a red wall for days. Weeks.

You gather other reds and talk about it. Does anyone else share your feeling? Maybe one or two, but most just shake their lovely red heads at you and go back to their own red infused lives.

You find that you ALMOST capture the essence of what you are seeking in certain moments.

Like when a baby laughs. Or anytime you are around baby animals of any kind. When certain songs come on the radio.

You recognize that within these and similar moments is the thing you are aching for but when you reach directly to understand it, it slips away from your grasp. like a wet bar of soap.

Then, one day, unexpectedly something entirely new happens.

You are taken over by an entirely new feeling. A sensation unlike any other felt before.

You recognize it as the thing you have been seeking!

You give in to it completely and you are enraptured! You are in bliss and joy! Tears of happiness and gratitude stream down your face.

You see your tears falling about you. They become suspended in the air and you realize you have never seen anything like this in your entire red existence.

You blurt out “what is this?!”

And your new kind of tear answers back and says “I am blue. I am out of the blue for your red heart!”

Blue is your new amazing best friend, the lover you always dreamt of, the sparkle in your eye and the hop in your step.

Because you love them, blue shows up more and more every day. Who doesn’t want to go hang out with people who think we are amazing, after all?

You ask blue what their life was like before you two met and blue tells you:

“I was blue and that was awesome! I love being blue! In the blue I can go anywhere, anytime, and make anything!

“It was so much fun!”

“So why did you come here?” asked red.

“I came because I felt a tugging inside my spirit and I had to find where it was coming from.

“The tugging and the tugging was like a string attached to my heart and it kept pulling and pulling on me!

“I couldn’t figure it out at first, but then I remembered, ‘I am blue! I can go anywhere! I will go to the other end of this string!’

“And that’s where you were, red! And then I knew that you needed me and I was so blissed out that I had figured it out and found my way to you!”

You shook your head in admiration. “Wow, that’s amazing! Because I really needed you, it’s so true! I don’t know what I would ever have done had you not found me, blue! My true blue!”

So you and blue start really hanging out a lot and you decide one day to start a band because you both love music and even though each of you is great at different types of music, you suspect you can combine them together into something fun and cool.

So you get the band together and start practicing and creating music together.

One day, a new song you’ve been working on suddenly CLICKS.

It just works so perfectly and you both are awed by the way in which it seems to be showcasing whole new sounds or notes never before experienced!

It’s an incredible rush and you are both in tears of joy and bliss and astonishment and you are both hooting and hollering and doing cartwheels!

And you say to each other, “what is this new sound we’ve created?”

And you are both astonished when you hear a voice pipe up and say,

“Hi, I’m purple! You made me out of your own aspects and the way they combined perfectly together is me!”

And the three of you embrace and hug and dance around in glee and get down to a massive music jam swirling together the red and blues and purples into infinite varieties of color and beauty!


Red is the 3D. Red is the level of existence in which the matter to energy ratio is such that matter seems to be in charge.

In the red, time is the Boss, like a Mob Boss, demanding and unrelenting and unwilling to reverse any decisions for fear of losing his tight grip on being in charge.

In the red, we use matter to change matter. It requires a fuck ton of effort, using many forms of resource.

In the red, matter appears to be finite and therefore everyone is worried they won’t have enough matter to survive, while others stockpile more matter than they could ever need, just in case.


Blue is the non material plane, think dimensions higher than 5D (which is still inclusive of materiality). Blue is the level of existence in which the matter to energy ratio is such that energy is entirely in charge and matter only exists for fun.

In the blue, we have direct experiential knowledge of The ALL OF ALL and the nature of the connectedness of all things.

In the blue, we use energy to change matter. It requires no effort other than a well formed intention.

In the blue, time is just a silly slippery plaything for fun, like matter. And in the blue, we are into play which is our favorite way to learn and we always want to be learning because it is the raw material for our creations which are our purpose.

In the blue, we can communicate without words and across great distance and through time in an instant.


Purple is the beautiful swirling together of red and blue.

Purple is the glorious dance at the nexus of matter and energy.

Purple is the 5D, the realm of New Earth.

In the purple, you can play with matter and energy.

In the purple, you have some beholdenness to time but more like as a gentleman’s agreement than anything super serious. You agree to it because time makes it possible for you to help the other reds find the blue and that is your purpose if you chose the purple.

In the purple, you are on Earth across multiple timelines simultaneously and using your blueness to dissolve the timelines in which the matter to energy ratio is too high for the reds there to access any blue.


When you are red alone, you don’t have any experience of blue and you can’t even imagine it. Like falling in love. You can read all the poems in the world but once you fall in love you realize none of them even hold a candle to the actual truth of it.

But once you have that first connection to the transcendent, and you recognize it as such, then you can see the blue and feel the blue.

And once that has happened, once you have the “muscle memory” of blue it’s so much easier to bring it more in to the picture!

And so the picture of your existence can go from pure red to having a few bursts or dots or flares of blue. And you might really double down and focus your efforts into getting better and better at bringing in the blue and, more importantly, getting it to stay with you long enough for you to start to practice with the blue.

When you practice with the blue, when you can hold it in place of experience long enough, then you ARE blue while you practice it.

Blue feels like miracles and lunacy and multi galactic space operas made real and infinite creations of jewel like energy forms.

No one can ever teach you blue. Not really. They can perhaps guide you to that river of blue more quickly. They can maybe teach you how to swim more adeptly in its waters once you get in yourself, but only you can leap headlong in to that blue water for yourself.

Absolute, unmediated access to blue is in you all the time.

No books or teachings or rules or organizations or governments or religions or crazy ass motherfucking bullshit can ever interfere between you and you as blue. If static comes on the line so to speak, and you lose the signal and fall back to red, that’s just a matter of personal capacity opportunity.

Unfortunately, you are not in the red alone. You are in the red with a few billion other reds who are also trying to figure out that ache in their hearts. Who are also working their fucking asses off to change the matter in their lives, their conditions, through matter. And most of the reds are stuck at the mercy of the matter hoarders.

This is why some of the blues answer the call of the tugging from a red’s heart to their heart. They know that there is infinite resource for all in every way.

So they come “down” into the red to help out by showing the way, taking a red by the hand and gently guiding them to the river where, standing on its banks, the blue will hold the red in their arms for eternity, in grace and love absolute, until the moment when the red says "yes!" and leaps!

And the blue river catches them and carries them safely along.


We are in a period of existence in which we are being both red and blue at the same time, which is purple of course.

There are generally two kinds of purple, although, if you have been paying attention you’ll understand that this is simply a convenient mental model as there are, in fact, infinite kinds of purple.

The first kind is akin to if we pull back from a painting of red and blue dots we will see what appears to be purple. A pixelated purple. This is the purple of reds learning blue and blues learning red (oh yes, did I forget to mention that blues discover they can learn the most fun stuff while being red that massively accelerates their blue skillfulness?)

The second is when we have mastery in both red and blue and we are truly combining them as paints swirled together closely enough that the blend becomes true purple, a new third color in its own right.

One can choose to be purple, which means to choose mastery in the red and the blue both. This usually involves choosing, as a blue, to become completely red because one cannot master purple without first truly understanding red all on its own and being entirely red by definition removes the option of choosing to be blue until the reunion begins.

This is my choice in this life and if you are still reading this, it is likely yours as well, whether you have awoken to that yet or not.

One also can be experiencing the purple through the simple fact of not always “holding” or “painting” exclusively in the red or the blue, but, rather, wavering back and forth between the two. This is the pixelated purple.

In fact, if someone is “alive,” aka dependent currently on physical form, they cannot be true blue. Even the most devoted to the blue or the most delirious of becoming blue are actually purple for as long as they chose to stay in their physical form, aka not die.

When a blue being, like Jesus or Merlin or Isis or a Faery or a Dragon or a Star or an Elven Queen decides to take physical form on Earth, they are choosing to briefly be purple but these ones are so amazing at being purple that it’s hardly any purple ever known before the current time.

And they are teaching us how to be purple ourselves when they do, because they know that they have to bring in some red stuff like a painting or a book of poetry or a piece of music or an invention or a teaching or a rebirth so that our red hearts will get snagged up, snared up, caught up by the tiny transcendent fish hook of LOVE that is The ALL OF ALL and be inspired to call in blue to our being.

Pretending to be fully in the blue while in a physical form is something that can happen for reds who are new to the blue experience and having a pixelated purple phase. The old red ways of limited resource and limited skillfulness cause them to accidentally proclaim that they can be “better” and “more than” and that only the blues like them (except they aren’t actually blue, remember, no one in matter is true blue) are really worthy or doing “it” right.

It’s an understandable mistake. But it does hurt themselves to stay trapped in comparison, hierarchy, and polarity and can have negative effects on other reds. And if hurt is caused, then their own redness grows bigger again until they have the awareness that there is some more learning to do and then they can chose to leap off that riverbank back into the true blue anytime and try again.

I have moments in which I feel I am in the true purple and others where I understand I am in the pixelated purple. But I have not been in pure red for eons and for that I am grateful AF because even in the pixelated purple I can talk with the trees and hear the plants whisper their medicine arts to me and commune with a glacier about its millennia of secrets and hear the Stars laughing merrily away as they send me twinkles of love to boost my spirit and lift me back to true purple or even winkle me away for a true blue journey to refresh my soul.

I also have found ways to journey in the blue which are beyond delicious and so enlivening.

I hope this helps you expand discernment about your experiences in your spirit journey and gives you some tools to help you in making choices that will serve you better.


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