I float in the delicious, dreamy, gestational creation state which is my true HOME and the birthing place of all that my MAGIC creates - the infinite energy jewels of stories which are also galaxies and universes which I bring through and birth. 


Each universe, each galaxy, each world, is a story that was created from the eternal creative chaos of stardust and magic impregnated by one pure inspiration, one pure truth. 


Gestated in the black hole of creative juice at the center of the ALL OF ALL, each story that is birthed out through a temporary aligning of forces and structures imposing order on that raw and wild beautiful chaos until it is born. Each one a divine infinite jewel of energy and color, precious and unique.


I invite you to come dance with me in my stories and poems and other words, all of which are teachings and sparks to awaken, enliven, and quicken your heart and spirit towards yourSELF and your awareness of you within The ALL OF ALL. Be inspired, get excited, cry, share, love.


I love you.

red blue purple

I first shared the red blue purple story as a Facebook post in May 2020 to help people wrap their heads around the "3D/5D" "New Earth" thing, as a starter dough mental model. It really took off and I regularly hear from people about how much it has helped them. Below is the original post:


I made you a story to explain the 3D / 5D thing vis-a-vis humans:


Imagine you are the color red.

You know no other colors because everything you see happens through your red eyes so everything is red.

You are jamming along in your redness and all is well.

You are the color of rubies, the essence of the blood running through human veins. You are bold and spirited!

One day, you are feeling… incomplete. You feel like you have an ache inside but you don’t know what for.

You start looking around, trying to figure it out.

You get more rubies. They are awesome!

But quickly you are back to wondering about that ache.

It feels like the thing you’re aching over is familiar, but it has become clear it’s not anything you’ve ever had or known.

So you really get into the seeking.

You run all around. You climb giant red mountains.

You sit and stare at a red wall for days. Weeks.

You gather other reds and talk about it. Does anyone else share your feeling? Maybe one or two, but most just shake their lovely red heads at you and go back to their own red infused lives.

You find that you ALMOST capture the essence of what you are seeking in certain moments.

Like when a baby laughs. Or anytime you are around baby animals of any kind. When certain songs come on the radio.

You recognize that within these and similar moments is the thing you are aching for but when you reach directly to understand it, it slips away from your grasp. like a wet bar of soap.

Then, one day, unexpectedly something entirely new happens.

You are taken over by an entirely new feeling. A sensation unlike any other felt before.

You recognize it as the thing you have been seeking!

You give in to it completely and you are enraptured! You are in bliss and joy! Tears of happiness and gratitude stream down your face.

You see your tears falling about you. They become suspended in the air and you realize you have never seen anything like this in your entire red existence.

You blurt out “what is this?!”

And your new kind of tear answers back and says “I am blue. I am out of the blue for your red heart!”

Blue is your new amazing best friend, the lover you always dreamt of, the sparkle in your eye and the hop in your step.

Because you love them, blue shows up more and more every day. Who doesn’t want to go hang out with people who think we are amazing, after all?

You ask blue what their life was like before you two met and blue tells you:

“I was blue and that was awesome! I love being blue! In the blue I can go anywhere, anytime, and make anything!

“It was so much fun!”

“So why did you come here?” asked red.

“I came because I felt a tugging inside my spirit and I had to find where it was coming from.

“The tugging and the tugging was like a string attached to my heart and it kept pulling and pulling on me!

“I couldn’t figure it out at first, but then I remembered, ‘I am blue! I can go anywhere! I will go to the other end of this string!’

“And that’s where you were, red! And then I knew that you needed me and I was so blissed out that I had figured it out and found my way to you!”

You shook your head in admiration. “Wow, that’s amazing! Because I really needed you, it’s so true! I don’t know what I would ever have done had you not found me, blue! My true blue!”

So you and blue start really hanging out a lot and you decide one day to start a band because you both love music and even though each of you is great at different types of music, you suspect you can combine them together into something fun and cool.

So you get the band together and start practicing and creating music together.

One day, a new song you’ve been working on suddenly CLICKS.

It just works so perfectly and you both are awed by the way in which it seems to be showcasing whole new sounds or notes never before experienced!

It’s an incredible rush and you are both in tears of joy and bliss and astonishment and you are both hooting and hollering and doing cartwheels!

And you say to each other, “what is this new sound we’ve created?”

And you are both astonished wh