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Ignite the starlight in your veins, manifest magical badassery!


Once you’ve got The Craft of You in hand and things are really GROOVIN’, you want to really expand that magic!


The magic is really how to live in a 5D (or higher!) vibrational state in which you increasingly reveal to yourself the light technologies you used to know.


As you unlock new levels of skillfulness with your magic, you’ll be talking to plants and trees and animals and glaciers and Earth Mother spirit and stars and many other beings of light who have been rooting for you the whole time!


Your opening into wider consciousness of who you are and the nature of reality will make you swoon with delight and shiver in anticipation of new discoveries of your crazy cool Divine Creatrix self.


Life design at this level is a quantum leap beyond, literally and figuratively, and the experience is beyond the words of beauty although we keep trying because words are spells and have enormous power. Cast wisely.

Want to talk to us more about this? We offer a free 45 minute Clarity Call. The call is free. The clarity is priceless. Book now.

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